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Macadamia MAX Gift Pack — 13 Items

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Sending to a family with a few kids? The MAX Pack is for you.

Or maybe it's for one super-fan. Be sure to leave RG instructions at checkout about what he should write to your special reader.

Your gift to the group arrives is an amazing value: 17% off the regular price PLUS FREE SHIPPING:

  1. Signed paperback of The Search for Macadamia, a Quest Most Noble. 
  2. One of each of our mugs. Spam Egnart's Tavern, Evie's (black, pink, or red), and Discover Macadamia (black, orange, or yellow). 
  3. One of each of our extra large stickers: Saothróir Crann, the Talon Airways raptor, Evie's signature look, Spam Egnart's Tavern's sign, and the Perish Caverns College crest. 
  4. One of each of Crann's Private Label Macadamia Nuts - 14 oz packages: Chocolate, Roasted Salted, and Raw. Processed in a facility with peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, dairy, or eggs.
  5. And of course, Saothróir Crann's Brahala Farmers Market Bookmark.