Macadamia's Full-Cast Audiobook


RG partnered with West High School and Rocket Skates Recording, both in Salt Lake City, to produce an immersive, full-cast audiobook version of The Search for Macadamia. And every last dollar of audiobook royalties goes to the West High School drama program.

Stacey Childs-Hutchings, West High’s drama program director, narrated and co-directed the audiobook. Stacey was named Innovator of the Year (2020-21) by the Utah Advisory Council of Theater Teachers for her use of technology to maintain a full theater production schedule during the pandemic.
RG and Stacey recruited West students and alumni to play the parts that required American accents. Native Hawaiians and Australians residing in Utah stepped up to contribute their authentic voices to the project. All in all, 20+ generous actors portray 60+ characters. Then Nate Brown, owner of Rocket Skates, applied hundreds of hours of technical mastery and audio artistry to the production.